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I am committed to advocating for change that will improve the quality of life for residents of Hill East and ANC 7D.

Responsive Government

  • Amplify the voices of Hill East residents to ensure that District agencies are responsive to the needs of our community.


Safer Streets and Sidewalks

  • Support traffic calming measures, intersection improvements, and protected bike infrastructure on neighborhood streets.


Public Space Enhancements


​Public Safety

  • Cultivate a productive working relationship between residents, MPD, and District agencies to improve public safety in Hill East, reduce gun violence, and increase sharing of information and updates.



  • Oppose resizing Residential Permit Parking (RPP) zones to align with Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) boundaries.

    • Legislation has been introduced (B24-0433) that would shrink RPP zones from entire wards to individual ANCs. Given the unique shape and configuration of ANC 7D, and the separation of Hill East from the rest of its Capitol Hill neighborhood during redistricting, this proposal must change.



  • Support the construction of more (and more diverse) housing, including affordable units, multi-family projects, senior and workforce housing, accessory units, and conversions from other uses. 


Future of RFK Campus and Reservation 13

  • Support the District’s effort to take ownership of RFK campus, followed by a community-driven visioning process for the site’s future.

  • Oppose a new stadium being built on RFK campus.

  • Making sure Hill East residents have a voice in the next phases of development on Reservation 13 and in mitigating the impacts of new construction.

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